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      Derek Reynolds

      This is embarrassing. My ES (yet to be ridden) has been getting some fettling, and whilst it runs, the clutch will not disengage. It has received a new cable, the gear oil has been drained and changed, and all the plates have been removed for a clean along with some residual rust along the hub splines – all clean. The ‘feel’ at the bars is good, but engaging gear meets with a stalled engine. Engaging gear with engine off, pulling in the clutch lever fully, and attempting to turn the rear wheel by hand is met with extreme resistance. Slacking or tightening the clutch adjuster behind the cover makes no difference. It’s like I have a clutchless machine. Does this sound ‘normal’ until the oil has reached a working temperature? Or am I missing an MZ ‘trick’?

      The metal plates do not appear distorted, but that’s only on ‘eyeing’ them up. They are certainly not blued in any way. Little blighter’s giving me some stick.

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