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      Richard Smith

      Front brake caliper on my ETZ 300 started leaking so I bought a overhaul kit of new pistons,dust seals,and piston seals.On fitting it started leaking again after a week or so.Stripped the caliper and comparing the new seals with the old,I found the that the old seals were slightly larger in diameter,and slightly thicker.The part number for the new seals is,30 24 028.I can’t find any other part number for the brake piston seals,but 30 24 028 seals are obviously wrong.
      Can anyone help?

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      Philip Darling

      Hi Terry. No help I m afraid, but I have exactly the same problem with my 93 ETZ301. The MZ shop are adamant that all seals for the 40mm pistons are the same (having supplied me with a set that leak profusely. Did you manage to resolve this problem?

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