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      Neil Wisbeach

      Good afternoon everybody!

      I have spent many happy hours sorting my 1954 IFA RT125/1 and currently have a problem which is driving me insane, so hopefully some kind person out there can help!

      When the engine is running, the charge light does not extinguish and only dims slightly at high engine revolutions. The generator is a Lima 45w (an older version of the usual 60w generator) The battery is new as is the wiring (which is wired correctly) I have an electronic regulator fitted (specifically for an RT125) from in Germany.

      Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated as I am very keen to use this beautiful bike!

      Many thanks, Neil

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      Derek Reynolds

      I have no knowledge of your particular generator Neil, but I would start to look at the brushes in the generator. If they are worn down to the point of barely touching the commutator – or not at all – that may give the symptoms you describe.


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      Neil Wisbeach

      Hi Derek

      Many thanks for the reply and grovelling apologies for the late reply!

      The brushes are quite new but as I’ve been running the engine, the charge light do grow quite dim as the revs rise. I assume this may improve as the commutator contact area on the brushes bed in and increases.

      Many thanks and kind regards, Neil

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