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      John Latuskie

      The indicators on my 6 volt TS150 are now so dim in daylight that they are quite
      ineffective despite a thorough overhaul of all the associated electrics and
      wiring. The bike is totally original with a decent Varta battery.
      I am seeking advice on a source of LED lights to replace the 6v/21w original bulbs plus the 6v electronic indicator relay. Any tips on installation

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      Derek Reynolds
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      John Francis

      Plus one for Goffy – I recently bought 4 6V amber LED bulbs from him. Work well. Got an appropriate flasher relay from ebay price £9.56. All works well except have to use charge light as just that now – system not able to drive charge light as flasher repeater now… Used an earlier John Latuskie article for guidance. Hope this makes sense and is useful. Regards, John.

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      Has anyone else read the article in this month’s VMCC journal relating to fitting 6v LEDs to a TS250 and – more interestingly – fitting a 12v headlamp bulb with a 6v to 12v converter? I thought it a wind up but I’m told that such gizmos are available. The writer doesn’t give details of where the parts were obtained. Anyone any ideas or done a similar conversion?

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      Malcolm Thomason

      Have you tried the 6 volt halogen bulbs from Goff? They were fitted to my GN400 along with relays, rather than the heated strip type flasher unit. They work brilliantly and give very positive on-off flashes. The system uses an electronic flasher which then triggers a 6 volt relay for each circuit i.e. left and right.
      I didn’t install it but, if you want, I can figure out the circuit and send it to you.

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      Paul Drummond

      Yes I’ve bought one of the 6v to 12v converters following reading the article but that’s as far as I’ve hot so far. Another project to do in the future.
      There are no shortage of these units available on ebay ranging from around £4 upwards. The cheapest coming direct from China. I paid around £9 from a British supplier to get it quicker.
      This is almost identical to the one shown in the Vmcc journal and is smaller than I imagined it would be, but that’s a good thing within the confines of the headlamp.
      You can get sealed units which look much more purposeul and robust for around £25. But you pays your money. . .
      Ill post again if and when I get around to fitying this. But please don’t hold your breath.

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