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I spent quite a lot of time trying to set the site up so that it effectively runs itself: e.g. classified ads automatically delete after three months, and the events diary stops displaying rallies three days after their start date. The membership co-ordinator deals with new log-in details for members. Most of my work now concerns updating the events diary, and the occasional backup. I would say I currently spend on average less than an hour a week maintaining the site. How does that sound?

In the post I linked to, to be fair, I did mention integrating regalia sales, If my successor did decide to try that, I think it might be quite a sizable project, but we’d need to involve the regalia rep to find out exactly what was needed – perhaps it could be quite simple.

It sounds like you’d be an excellent candidate – wordpress does run quite well out of the box, and it sounds like you have a good knowledge of php, which is after all what WP runs on. No pressure, but if you were interested in taking on the role, I’d be delighted to discuss it with you further.