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Whilst I’ve decided not to begin the enduro/trailbike conversion until I return from my Baltic ride, I couldn’t help offering up one of my numerous MZ seats to see just how much I would need to shorten one. I want a short single seat roughly half the length of the standard dual seat. By undoing the numerous metal tags under the seat pan edge, the cover easily came off and the foam was also able to be removed even though it was stuck down. I’ve decided to remove a section from the middle of the seat pan, about 10″ long, and once welded together this will allow the front of the seat’s attachment points and the hump over the electrics to remain plus the curved rear end. I see that one of my spare seats has a tin covered compartment too but won’t be using that. I shall get the pan cut and welded, and recovered on my return. Interesting to note that the seat pan is passivated rather than painted.