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Just to tell all that I have Stepped down as Kent rep. Have had problems getting my reports published and are not getting the support from my local members.  As from now I will just be an ordinary Member.  I will say thanks to all those who have supported me and those who have come to my rally`s. Shame no more stew and dumplings.  Cheers all and thanks, Kanunidave.

New member

Hi all

New member here. Just getting my recently acquired ETZ250 ship shape. It has passed an MoT test and is now roadworthy. A few short runs round the lanes have proved it be very different (my other bike is a Kawasaki Triple) but good fun.

The first problem to solve is that it misses and does not like revving past about 4000/4500 rpm. It starts and idles nicely but does not like a big throttle openings.

Have done some basics, like fresh plug, fuel,timing check and it all seems OK, btw. it has electronic ignition and it appears rock steady, on it’s marks with a strobe.

Exhaust seems clear but will caustic soda it to be sure. Being new to these beasts, is there anything special to check?

Any advice gratefully received



The 2017 Yetti Rally

Dear Anyone  ( who can help)

The 2017 Yeti Rally is advertised as taking place at the Bull I th thorn pub. I was recently informed that the venue had been changed to a camp site at or near Thorpe near Ashbourne.

I am now told that it will not be held at the campsite near Thorpe but instead at somewhere else.

The MZ Riders Club is renowned for the quality of the rallies that it runs. People travel for miles in order to pitch their tents and  commune with their fellow MZ riders. I would like to say that the rapier like wit of the banter and badinage that passes between attendees rivals that of Paris salons of the 19th century. I repeat I would like to say it……….. However.

Regrettably we can’t have any banter and badinage at the Hunt the Yeti Rally if we don’t know where it is being held. HELP

Worried of North owersby