Hi all

I’ve had a batch of MZ clutch tools made up – a clutch basket tool and the primary drive sprocket locking device, as shown in some workshop manuals (MZ part number 12-MW 5-3).

Means you can lock up the primary drive easily on the TS 125/150. As the clutches are so similar, will also be useful for an ETZ125/150 and I imagine also the ES125/150 (though I havent an ES engine to try).

Laser cut from 5mm mild steel plate. The primary drive tool is also cut from steel plate, so these 3 laminates will need bolting or welding together. There are holes spot-drilled to facilitate alignment.

Will be supplied as-cut (as per 2nd photo). I’ve just tried a couple (as shown) and they work well as is, but you may wish to spend a bit of time with the file tidying up the edges, and painting it.

Asking for £20 plus postage (£5 for UK mainland)



Ollie Harris


wheelsI have two front 18″ drums and a rear 18″ drum (but looks to be from a 125 (?) as has round lugs and not rectangular one)

I would not recommend you ride on the tyres that are mounted on them at all.

I want them gone, otherwise they’re probably going into the skip.


A tenner a wheel?  I’m situated near Hengoed, South Wales.



Hello thought I would introduce my interpretation of a Mz trailie

It started life like this                                    Original   Then I saw an ISDT model and liked the concept   As I had  a few KTM bits left lying around like 50mm forks and a mono shock damper Thought I would give it a wizz

mz2            Several curses/months  later We had a working prototype

P1020929    P1020935

Then saw the MZRC tuning guide so had to have a reed valve        Some mice got hungry and nibbled at the barrel and head leaving us with ……….P1050173









Runs really well now with mikuni carb Pulls 2500 to 8000 plus but docile in traffic

Hope you like it Ian




55000 km in 13 years. Not a lot but in that time it has been to Spain, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It resides in England in a nice dry garage. Generally I try to ride it at least once in every month. These days I try and pick a fine day. So far this year I have managed every month! January and February might have been just once each, but it has been out.

Photo is from 2010 and I am with the bike at a camp site in Cannock Chase. I was on the way home from the 2010 AGM in Porlock. Robert Saunders tent behind.

Home from AGM 2010

Homeward from AGM