Adding content

Any member can add content of their own once logged-in.

Think of a title, enter your text, and pictures if you have them, choose the right categories (the categories are crucial to the correct functioning of the site’s automated listing features), and hit “Publish”. That’s all there is to it.

In more detail:

  1. Move your mouse cursor up to the black bar at the top of the page, and over “+ New”.
  2. Click on “Post”. A new page will open up.
  3. Enter your title in the box that says “Enter title here”.
  4. In the big box, enter the main body of your text.
    • If you know about HTML coding, you may prefer to select the “Text” tab at the top right of that big box.
    • If you don’t, select “Visual”, and use the formatting features on offer in the grey bar at the top of the big box.
  5. Do you have photographs to add?
    • Click “Add Media”, just below where you entered your title.
    • In the page that opens, click “Upload Files”.
    • You can simply drag images across from the file browser on your own computer, or
    • Hit the “Select Files” button and choose your images that way.
    • Once your image has uploaded, click on it and, if necessary, edit its properties in the right-hand column.
    • Then click the blue button “Insert into post”
  6. Then choose the appropriate category or categories from the box in the right-hand column on the page.
    • The categories should be self-explanatory.
    • Choosing the correct category is crucial, as this allows the site to list your post in the appropriate places: if you don’t select e.g. “for sale” and “Bikes”, the site won’t know to include your advert in the classified ads list
  7. Adding an event for the diary?
    • Look just below the big box where you entered the main text for another box labelled “Custom Fields”.
    • Select “event_start_date”, and enter the date in YYYYMMDD format
    • This lets the site automatically sort your event into date order within the diary listing.
  8. At any stage, you can see how your post will look when published:
    • In the box entitled “Publish”, at the head of the right-hand column, click on “Save Draft”;
    • Then click on “Preview” – a new window will open.
  9. Once you are happy with how everything looks, click the blue button marked “Publish”
  10. Congratulations! You’ve added your post to the site.
  11. At any time, you can come back and edit what you wrote, or even delete the post (useful if e.g. your event has already happened, or you sold your bike.)
  12. If you have any difficulties with any part of this process, contact
    webmaster@arbitrary anti spammer