Joining/Renewing Online: Step 1 of 3

First, choose the appropriate membership category (only select one option please) and then click “proceed to checkout”, after which you will be asked to enter your details. Finally, you will be directed to Paypal to make your payment (prices are quoted in pounds sterling as Paypal will handle the conversion from your local currency). If you are prompted to enter the recipient’s email address manually, then use paypal [at] mzridersclub [dot] com.

** Note: joining/renewing requires manual processing of your application and Paypal transaction including the creation of a web site account for joiners . Normally this is done within 24 hours but there may be times when it takes longer.


UK/Ireland: 1 year. £20
UK/Ireland: 2 years. £35
UK/Ireland: 3 years. £54
Continental Europe: 1 year. £25
Continental Europe: 2 years. £45
Rest of World: 1 Year. £30
Rest of World: 2 Years. £55
EMag (Worldwide – see Rules): 1 year. £18
EMag (Worldwide – see Rules): 2 year. £32
EMag (Worldwide – see Rules): 3 year. £47