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Richard Smith

When in constant motorway use I normally fill bike to certain level dependant on price and divide the litres by 0.033 and just pour in how many ML the output of the calculation gives, after the bike has been filled of petrol.

When my riding is around town I only re-fuel when bike goes into reserve normally put half a tank of fuel in, then empty the 500ml bottle of oil (I use the cheapest mineral I can get in bulk) that I keep with me and then carry on re-fuelling after that has emptied into the tank.

Interestingly, I’ve never really shaken the bike to agitate mixing. Not had a problem with over-heating (due to lack of concentration of oil after fill up) nor had pure oil coming out of the tap.

And I’ve done 10,000 miles on my 250 MZ in the past 6 months..!

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