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Noted “her statement” !
From my own observations, isn’t it invariably a “her” !

Now Re Safetec. Yes a very good service but I used and found the following to be most excellent. A lot cheaper and you can specify what grade you want from full race to just for posing – (me).

Villiers Services Brake Shoe Re-Lining Service – This service can cater for any … We re-Line the shoes to their original width, if you require under or oversize … ect, ect @ £14.96 ex vat. So even better.
Just Google it.

Just sorted out my rear brake. Even with new linings the brake arm was barely 90degrees when in the off position. So both brake arms needed moving a spline or two but how to deal with that fearsome looking return spring. After some thought came up with using a Spanish Windlass using the front foot peg as an anchor point.
Worked a treat. Made it as docile as a lamb.
Thought this might be of interest to the Brotherhood.
Now tell me that that’s how you have always done it.
Aside – Too cold to go dinghy sailin today, so went to check out Maidenhead Sailing clubs water.
Very busy, a lot going on but my car was the only one in the car park with a single exhaust pipe !
Where did I go rong !