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Alan Jarman

Hi Keith,
A year or so ago I came to the same conclusion as yourself, that it was about time I had one. To be honest now I have one I realise it should have been years ago, if not decades. I think it is the business, wonderful, and if you get an adjustable seat to go with it, great. Now we come to the problem. How much room do you have because with a bike on board you have to be able to work around it, ideally. It’s about a small car size, that’s the area not the lift. Now we come to the lift, there are quite a few Sealey do a few but are probably the dearest and biggest (length) and highest capacity (what it will lift safely). Some have areas at the rear platform to allow removal of the rear wheel. I bought mine on Ebay for £240 with a removable ramp (wheel removal) etc. and lt’s shorter when not in use. I picked mine up myself, ok it was loaded into my estate with a fork lift, but I needed a lot of help when I arrived home (really really heavy).
To be honest Keith there are so many, it really depends on how much room, how much you spend and how much you want to lift.
Wish you well Alan.