Factory Literature

The Club is privileged to have permission from the MZ factory (thank you) to use original factory manuals.

These items are copies of the original factory manuals and parts lists, reproduced with kind permission. Thanks to the late Mark Dicker for obtaining official permission from the factory for the Club to use them.

We have repair manuals and spares manuals for most models.

Please note that a couple of spares manuals (ETZ250 in particular) are accurate copies of poor quality East German originals and as a result are hard to read in some places, unfortunately copying quality on these is beyond our control. NB, This is an are exceptions. Quality is generally very good.

Each manual/parts list is just £12 plus postage, Cheaper than Mr Haynes offerings and with proper details inside.

Postage is £3.00 per order . (Please don’t blame us for postage costs, it is what Royal Mail charge)

Repair Manuals

Please specify which model:

TS125 & TS150
ES175/2 & ES250/2
Trophy ETS250 Trophy Sport
TS250 & TS250/1 Super 5 (Sadly out of stock)
ETZ 125/150/251
Simson S50 MZ 125 SX/SM

Parts Books

Please specify which model:

ES125 & ES150
ES175/2 & ES250/2
Trophy ETS250
Trophy Sport
TS125 & TS150
TS250 & TS250/1 Super 5 (Sadly out of stock)
ETZ125 & ETZ150
ETZ251 & ETZ301
Simson S50
Saxon 500R Rotax (engine only, not cycleparts)
Skorpion (all models)

Manuals and Spares List on CD/DVD: £12 inc P&P
All the titles listed above on one disc for you to print the bits you need. Think of the environmental benefit!