Simson s50 registration

Hi Can anyone help,i have a 1978 simson s50b which i have owned for years. I have almost completely restored it but when i purchsed it there was no v5 available and no reg plate. Does anyone know the process of getting new paper work and an age related number plate, i have the frame […]

TS250 front wheel hub cover plate

Hello, I am trying to restore a TS 250 supa5, it is currently fitted with a disc brake / front fork assembly from an ETZ I believe.  I have the original forks and front wheel from the TS, however I am missing the front wheel hub cover plate (part no. 22-24.279). Does anyone know where […]

1979 MZ 150ts. Fuses keep blowing

1979 MZ 150ts (South Eastern Ireland): To enhance your insight: I am completely uneducated in motorcycle maintainance. It was as driving reliably. Died out as I arrived at destination 10+kms from start. I ran started it and drove for 6+kms when it began to choke and died out over the last km. Done so far: […]