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      Michael Bray

      I have just fitted Tezet ignition. The ETZ now runs well, however I,m at a loss
      to know where to fit the red wire labled + AKU from the regulator. Also the
      ignition light now fails to work. Any help greatly appreciated. Regards, Mike Gray.

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      Ollie Harris

      I havent used a Tezet system, however photos of the wiring diagrams are on their ebay listings. AKU looks like it goes to battery positive.
      More than likely the regulator has the same wiring as a standard universal 6-wire regulator / rectifier. If this is the case, it’ll have 3 phase inputs (3 yellow wires), a ground, battery positive and a sensing wire. So I’m pretty sure, from a google search of the universal regulators, that your remaining red wire is to battery positive. Also, translating battery into polish gives “akumulator”.
      If in doubt – email tezet directly. They seem very helpful on facebook

Viewing 1 reply thread
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