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      Hi everyone.

      I’ve just started the restoration of a ’79 TS125. There is currently no steering lock stop, so the forks swing all the way left & right until the ‘bars touch the tank.
      On the bottom end of the steering head tube there are two M5 tapped holes that face rearward.
      My question is – does the bike use a bolt on steering stop (missing on my bike) fixed using these holes, or is the stop a weld-on item fixed to the frame?
      Any information (or ideally a pic) gratefully received!

      Many thanks,


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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Hello Andrew
      I too have just bought a TS125 for ‘tinkering’ and i found the bars touch the tank. There are two stops cast as part of the bottom yoke which should hit a lug which is part of the frame and comes out of the headstock straight down just behind the lower headrace. I suspect this has been broken off on yours. Mine had worn badly so I have had to drill the aluminium castings and put a 3mm bolt through with the hex head forming the actual stop against the steel lug and thereby giving some clearance to the bars against the tank. I am afraid I can’t do a photo as I’m new on here and I can’t seem to insert photos into my posts!!

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      Hi both, No stop on steering sounds sadly familiar. In the process myself of renovating, Ha more like a complete manufacture of a very early TS 250. I had to fabricate and the weld ” carefully ” a new steering stop to bottom of frame neck after realising that lock went from tank to tank. Seems to have been, “fingers/toes crossed” a success! A little piece of scrap steel, a friend with a mig welder and a packet of ginger biscuits as a thanks (bribe) Erfola ! “Thats German for success!”

      Stick to it, Peter.

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      Thoughts on tank to tank steering or not !

      My local paint shop who has a large client base of classic cars and trucks, kindly blast cleaned and repainted my frame and swing arm etc. I asked him to repaint my
      headlight shell and brackets, air filter box and battery box and fuel tank in RED.
      In order to keep the costs down for this “old codger” he said that he may have a little RED paint left over from a recent renovation that he had done for a customer.
      Well being from ” Gods chosen County ” I,m all for saving a bob or two and I told him to carry on. Chris Evans eat your heart out, the classic car that he had resprayed for a customer had been a RED Ferrari, “and he could afford to supply my paint”!
      It may not suit the MZ purist but there shouldnt be another like it and I certainly dont want my bars going tank to tank now !!!!!!!

      Regards, Enzo F

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      I decided to fabricate a new stop to bolt onto the waiting tapped holes. An hour later I had a good working template in some leftover brass, to use to make up a stronger steel version. Within a minute of finishing I found an exact copy in the bottom of a box of oily & rusty ‘spares’ that came with the bike. THis is a perfect fit, keeps the bars away from the tank & has the look and finish of an original component. Doh!

      So, Enzo Wedel, you appear to have landed on your feet with the paint job. Mine is black, as per the log book and as the costs of the project are inevitably running well ahead of original budget we’re limiting the finish to aerosol black, albeit a little austere.

      Will post a pic or two when finished – we’ve got a rolling chassis now and the gearbox has just gone back into the crankcase. Looking forward to a good fettling session tomorrow!

      Thanks for you comments gents,

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