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      Have got the TS through MOT & now running in. The bike has fresh bore / piston / correctly gapped rings & new condenser / points / HT / plug cap / spark plug. Timing very carefully set up with a proper dial gauge.

      The engine starts easily, idles evenly and pulls on main jet very cleanly, with no hesitation / misfiring. Carb is the BVF 22 N1-3 without throttle stop screw, with all the jets & needle having just been replaced. Float heights spot on. No signs of air leaks in the induction system.

      Thing is, the mid-range was non-existent. Use of the choke was needed to pull away from standstill unless revved. Now much better, having gradually lifted the needle from the 3rd notch from the top (counting to the lower of the two engagement slots) to the last one ie richer. It now runs much better, with a reasonable amount of pull off the throttle into the mid-range, but still moving away from junctions & hill starts takes a bigger handful than I think it should.

      I plan to do a plug chop to check how the thing is running generally, but it feels like it could take a bigger needle jet (or two).

      Anyone have any experience of TS125s in this area?
      Are alternative jets available for this carb, as MZ shop shows only the standard size?



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