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      James Suttie

      I’m using 50:1 premix on my 1978 Supa 5 which had a new piston and rebore around 800 miles ago followed by ‘fairly’ careful running in.
      Today at 70mph on a dual carriageway the rear wheel locked up, clutch in and coasted for a hundred yards or so. I let the clutch out and it started immediately and drove home at a more sedate pace without further mishap.
      Am I going too fast, too soon? I used to be able to sit at 75mph pretty much all day without any problem.
      Any opinions from the collective would be most welcome.

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      Derek Reynolds

      50:1 is correct for the Supa 5, but the older ones 33:1 is more the mark.

      800 miles is not far. Might be wise to ease it in longer with a tad more oil for good measure.

      I remember when I bought a Yam. DT175 in the seventies. Ran sweet from new, but pushed it a little after 5 or 600 miles and it partially seized. Pulled over and let it cool for ten minutes and it started up fine. Never had problems again. Maybe just need a little patience.

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        James Suttie

        Thanks for the input Derek, I think I’ll try 45:1 and lower revs for the next 500 miles. I was out on it earlier today and it sounds and feels very good.

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