Instant gasket for crankcase sealant.

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      I recently rebuilt a MZ ts 125, using my old favourite Hylomar Blue,for sealing the crankcases. I found the consistancy has changed, not to my liking, not so ‘sticky’ anymore. I recently viewed an etz 125/150 engine rebuilt on U-tube (very usefull!!), they use a liquid substance,what you brush on. I have tried to find a similar product,I found ‘HELDITE jointing compound, has anyone used this, and is it similar to what MZ used? Maybe anyone can sugest what to get/use. The ts 150 I got now seems to be sealed with red hermetite, what is not petrol resistant I think, so has to be done.Thanks, Ruud.

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      Robert Jones

      Hi There,

      I always use Wellseal which you apply with a paint brush. is the website but I think you have to get it on ebay as unless you want a million gallons of it the company don’t supply it but I suppose its worth a call.Good luck!

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      Thanks, I have a look at that, I like the idea of using a brush, much less overspill, I always seem to be picking bits off gasket goo out of the crankcase after the bottom end is together. Ruud.

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