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      There seem to be a number on eBay,is there one particular that is best

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      hi Ken I was wondering the same thing. Presumably you are talking about the TS 250. I did leave a question about a possible conversion for the TS 150. This was after I had seen a bike advertised on Ebay and wanted to confirm it was a common (safe) upgrade. But nobody seemed to know. Good luck

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      ‘AAA Dummy

      I had two ts 250s in the 80’s and put a 18″ honda tls wheel in and the improvement was phenomenal. If I remember you use the sme spindle but swap the fork legs round and I made a little spacer to centralise the wheel .

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      Gabriel Hubbard

      HONDA CB175 front brake and hub is a good-un. Whole wheel or laced into MZ rim. CB250 would be good too. Back in the 80’s I did this and changed the front brake lever to Honda at the same time which with the left hand matching switch gave me much easier to use switches at the same time. GYR 704W it was. Gave it to a work mate and I believe it is now used in MZ Racing.

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