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      ‘AAA Dummy

      What carburretor best for this bike? I recently changed mine from a 22N BVF to a 24N (bought on e bay new but not sure what make) as I was having problems running. Not much better really after trying to tune it. Would you recommend a Mikuni? or going back to a new 22N BVF. Thanks for any advice.

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      Ollie Harris

      Hi Donald. For simplicity I’d be looking to go back to the original bvf carb, unless it’s really worn. A 24mm carb on the 125 barrel will provide no benefit, in fact I’ve heard it makes things worse.
      Also the new carbs are utter rubbish, I’ve not heard one good thing about them. Im amazed the eBay sellers still list them.
      I don’t think I have a spare later carb – lots of earlier ones without the throttle stop screw.

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