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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Well as said previously, there is plenty of compression but there seems to be little crankcase suction. In fact hand over the manifold whilst kicking over it seems to be pumping back ! Am awaiting the delivery of a low pressure gauge to check for any leakage. So my questo is, if the worst comes to the worst can the seals be changed from the outside without splitting the cases and removing the crank.

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      Alan Jarman

      Hi Rob,
      You will be pleased to know that on the Supa5 you do not have to split the cases. I have changed the seals on 3 of my Z’s and for what it’s worth, I have fitted twin lip seals, don’t know weather they are better than single lip, but.
      Anyway Rob if you need any more help please give a yell.
      Stay safe Alan

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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Thank you Sirrah, most welcome news (sorry, been reading Pride & Prejudice from my must read in the shutdown list).
      Haynes says a sort of no, so methinks if Haynes says no, its probably be doable.
      Twin lipped seals. Like the sound of those. Viton or that other stuff.
      Thanks again no doubt I’ll be back.

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