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Hi Mike, I have literally just received a silencer I bought from this guy
for the silencer with two bracket brackets and the manifold nut and sealing ring including P&P it cost me £122 (app)

I am very, very happy with the quality of the stuff, although it is not an original MZ one (they don’t make them any more) on the end of the silencer it is stamped ETZ 251 – similar ones are for sale at over 150 euros just for the silencer + p&p. you might be able to still get an Original Kanuni one but they are sh**

it too just about five days to reach me from Poland. The only difficult thing was how to pay for it, the guy wanted a bank transfer so I opened an account with CurrenceyFair and instead of paying my bank £22 for the transaction I only paid £3

I would not hesitate to buy from the guy again – hope this helps…Ian