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Hi Derek,

Welcome to the madhouse. They should provide damping. Assuming you still have original MZ shocks then both front and rear are very easy to strip if you have the correct tool or can make one up. First you need to compress the spring to remove the collets; the spring, cover etc then just pull of. The top of the damper unit is a threaded (RH) collar and once undone the innards pull out. The collar has two slots for the tool to engage, at a pinch and with care you can use a pin punch. Your manual will show the tool if you want to make one.

You may get away with simply refilling with fluid (about 70cc), more likely you will need to replace the top seal which is a standard size and can be purchased from any bearing stockist. Cannot remember the exact size its something like 15x10x7 but you can measure it easily enough when you have it stripped.

best of luck


PS: The rear is normally adjustable for preload and its common for the adjuster to seize. Heat, lubricant and patience are required but they can usually be saved. Don’t try using too much force on the alloy handle it will break very easily.