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‘AAA Dummy

Tom is right
As its a 125/150 then running it in is gunner be a right pain 1.5 to 2 thou would be about right thats 40-50 micron in new money
Three thou would work but it would be a little rattley almost at first start and would settle down to somewhere between 4 to 5 thou (100-125 microns)after running in and this will produce a proper piston slap on cold start up !
30 microns is a touch to tight and you would have to be a proper saint to get that run in without a nip up
I have never yet heard a quiet mz without a little rattle /tinkle if it was that would then make it a yamaha !!!! (Suzukis and sakakakis also rattle )

In conclusion my money is on 0.04-0.05mm for the best compromise

Others may differ (what does the manual say?)