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Peter Fielding

In theory this should be easy as the ETZ251 used basically the ETZ125/150 frame. However it was not quite straightforward. I once fitted a TS250 engine into an ETZ125 frame (not sure why now – just to see if it could be done I suppose). Anyway, from memory the tricky part was modifying the offside engine plate (you must use the TS/ETZ250 type) to give the correct width and offset. I think I welded an inner track from a 6306 bearing to the inside of the engine plate. You will also need an ETZ251/301 exhaust pipe else it will hit the mudguard on full fork depression.

I cannot remember the detail now but I have a vague recollection about swapping the s/a as well.

Of course there is also the little matter of telling the DVLA and your Ins company what you have done!