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Thoughts on tank to tank steering or not !

My local paint shop who has a large client base of classic cars and trucks, kindly blast cleaned and repainted my frame and swing arm etc. I asked him to repaint my
headlight shell and brackets, air filter box and battery box and fuel tank in RED.
In order to keep the costs down for this “old codger” he said that he may have a little RED paint left over from a recent renovation that he had done for a customer.
Well being from ” Gods chosen County ” I,m all for saving a bob or two and I told him to carry on. Chris Evans eat your heart out, the classic car that he had resprayed for a customer had been a RED Ferrari, “and he could afford to supply my paint”!
It may not suit the MZ purist but there shouldnt be another like it and I certainly dont want my bars going tank to tank now !!!!!!!

Regards, Enzo F