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Hi peter, thanks for the info, any ideas on screens? as that would be a must have mod. i know there was a screen made by i believe rickman, for the ETZ but i cannot find any info anywhere on it. As for panniers i have considered using metal ammo cases, something top loading. at the moment i have a rickman style plastic topbox fitted, its period for the bike, so looks better than a modern style kappa or suchlike. I have seen the etz with the east german police panniers, and they look damn heavy but more than up to the job. I do have soft luggage for touring with my other bikes (Suzi GS500’s and VS1400 intruder) and could use them but id prefer to convert my MZ to a hard cased touring spec.

As for the seat/carrier unit you have, if its any use i am in Aberdeen NE Scotland. i don’t mind paying for a courier if its up to the job. My Hermes is ok price wise compared to royal mail. if you could drop me a private message we can discuss it. especially if it can be modified to take side racks to hold ammo style it useable with the standard style rear carrier?