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Thanks Mike , Stuart and Peter, its great to know I am not alone…
The project is slowly coming together. (my slowly may be a bit quicker than some, I measure progress in days, not weeks)
The rolling chassis is complete, ish. Not concours, but, heh, its an Mz, designed to be used not worshipped.
Tank, yes, I have heard POR15 is good. Being a cheapskate and never ever following an ‘easy path’ I am still keen to try and achieve a clean enough to use steel tank. Without additives. Couldn’t believe the gunk I got out initially, its still coming out rusty after 15 flushes. Amount of fuel I have waisted I could have bought a new tank. Live and learn.
Engine going back together next. S/H bore, plus 1/2mm. corroded piston scotch brighted, new ebay rings. If this is ok it will be a result.
Otherwise a rebore and +1mm
Going to take a flyer and try and use the second spare bottom end, as is. What could possibly go wrong?
Easy enough to drop the lump back out for a proper rebuild later.
Michlein M38 NOS arrived for the front. Good lord a 2.5 looks skinny. Too small I know, but I wanted M38 both ends and the rear is new.
Brake shoes both ends half worn so not expecting the stoppers to stop.
Looking forward to see what electrics I have.
Its all a bit of an adventure.
Best way to learn, making mistakes as you go.