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‘AAA Dummy

Re Petrol tank I would recommend POR 15 (the kit) it comes with an acid etch which neutralises the left over rust and a cleaning agent (rather like alloy wheel cleaner) cost £40 but you will have a robust clean tank afterwards that will take modern ethanol fuel without any problems to the coating.. I have done 3 tanks without any problems. If you are organised the prep and the POR 15 can be used in a couple of tanks if you get the 485 ml can of the stuff. I have a running TS250 with 20,000 on the clock. Re gearbox I find the SAE70/90 oil silky smooth. Many years ago I had the same problem with 3rd gear. Maybe earlier models had a weakness in the selection dog as I had to replace mine several times (just a thought) GOOD LUCK