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Hello Tony & Bill
thanks for your response.Today I put some fresh fuel and the bike started fine (2 kicks with fuel tap on,but ignition off),then ignition on full choke – 1 kick – wahey!.not so easy to start when warn though ????
I warmed the engine whilst in neutral ,then with the bike on the centrestand and ensuring the rear wheel was clear,engaged the clutch lever and put it into second.The rear wheel spun around just as if the clutch was out,even though I had the lever all the way in.I then pressed the rear brake until the engine nearly stalled,released the brake and repeated several times.Unfortunatley this had no affect at all.
I then started the bike,rolled down the road and snuck it into second,with clutch lever in.The bike rode as if the clutch was out the whole time.I even went up a really steep hill under quite hard acceleration and the clutch did not slip or change in any way.
I have therefore come to the conclusion that the plates are pretty dam stuck!
I made an enquirey to the NZ shop about possible clutch plates replacements and how I might address this issue.Basically the man,who was very helpful and nice,kind of put me off as he said if you don’t know what your doing you can damage not only the clutch,but the end of the crank shaft??I obviously didn’t inspire much confidence,when I explained that I hadn’t done this before and did I need an extractor tool?
Anyway,rather disappointingly I feel for me(as I wanted to have a go,but realise I could potentially do a lot of damage)have arranged for the bike to be picked up and taken to a motorcycle mechanic – who is going to have a look at it – hmm.
I think I need to get this sorted perhaps,but then get a good factory workshop manual,the Haynes one I have is absolutely useless,so very vague and covers too many models for the likes of my ability.I think there will be plenty more fettling to do,which I would like to take on.
The short ride that I did have,was fantastic,these bikes are so light and you feel so very connected to the road.
Hoping that this will not venture into an open cheque to the mechanic,as he tells me all that is wrong.
I will if I have time try your suggestion against a wall – fingers crossed
Cheers,will keep everybody posted.I live in sunny Cornwall Ha ha,anybody near to me with an MZ?