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Matthew Nichols

Well yes, ONLY 50,000 miles… My question was mainly pertaining to MZ’s on original Carbs.

I myself am coming up to 90k miles on my own CX500, Derek. Despite the other faults, fuelling has never really been a problem there… The slides are still pretty much perfect- infact I’ve never done any repair work on those carburettors..

Of course- it could simply be the metalurgy at that period of time in that particular location WRT the british made carbs and the BVFs. Singles could still have something to do with it though(?) as although a multicylinder has a carb per cylinder, they do not typically exert the vibration that a single does- esspecially with the MZ’s and the excessive movement allowed by using soft engine connections (would it help, or exacerbate). The only thing I could relatively do without much more invasive and perhaps machining work, would be simply to find a low mileage slide as the cheapest option first.