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Derek Reynolds

I know a lot of people blame wear on carburettors, but who else has a genuinely well working original carburettor with 50,0000 miles on it?

I take it you meant 50,000 and not 500,000 !

Please Sir – me. Yes, there’s always one.

Honda 400/4, 55,000miles no issues.
Three Honda CX 500’s, all did over 100,000 miles each, no issues.
BMW R80/7, 211,000 miles, periodically replaced the rubber diaphragms on the Bing’s (3 times in all).
Moto Guzzi V50III, 308,000 miles, replaced the needles once. Dellorto.
(Plenty of other issues, but was my favourite bike to ride).

However, the Amal carbs on the BSA’s used to wear their slides and well under 50,000 miles. Don’t the C15 had done 40,000 when part ex’d, and the A10 – whilst a nice engine – was often with the head off. Single carb on the A10.

Do singles have something to do with it? Shouldn’t do, as all the high mileage bikes above had one carb per pot.