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Matthew Nichols

Hi both,

Thanks for the replies.

These sorts of problems can make you go down the wrong rabbit hole.. I do have a spare coil, which might be easier for me to just swap over as my first thing to do.

If it still feels odd, and no change then I’ll nick the 30n2.5 from my etz250 and see what that does.

As for the exhaust, i’ve already cleaned it out thoroughly about 3k miles ago- and a little bit of crap did come out. I know that the exhaust block can cause the problems I have, because my Suzuki TS185 also has the same symptoms- although the difference there is that the symptoms are worse when cold, and then start to gradually go after the engine has been running for an hour or two and everything is nice and hot and you’ve blasted it a little bit…

Coincidentally, I’ve already swapped exhaust with the 251 trying to find another problem with a different bike (actually a restrictive exhaust), and the 251 felt no difference with a known recent and nicely flowing exhaust..

Will keep this updated.