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Ian Richards

In addition to fitting the VM30 carburettor, I had three possible engine ‘improvements’ planned for my ETZ 250.
These were:
1. Increase the capacity to 300 cc or perhaps beyond
2. By one means or another, alter the porting to something near that of the TS
3. Fit a reed valve

Each of these modifications has attendant downsides, one of which is that the modification might not work as well as anticipated (perhaps that should be ‘hoped’). Another is that each of them is difficult or impossible to reverse, except by replacing the modified parts.

When I bought my MZ it was always intended to be an interesting and inexpensive bike that I could modify as I wished without worrying too much about originality. Unfortunately the supply of cheap secondhand parts has largely dried up and the Covid pandemic seems to have accelerated the trend towards these bikes becoming ‘classics’. I don’t need another one of those.
So what should I do? It rather looks as though I should throw a dust sheet over it until the spring and find something else to occupy my time.