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‘AAA Dummy

Hi Skorpy, glad your still here.
Yes to all you say, will be interesting if you do go ahead to hear your experiences. We don’t seem to have a Mikuni website in the UK. Motocarb imports them from the U.S.
Now look at the time of this message.
Never assume anything. I just woke up and the first thought that came into my head was that I hadn’t actually checked the sizes of the Mikuni. I mean they couldn’t possible be the same could they. Well I have just checked and amazingly they virtually are. The overall length is shorter by 6mm – good. The inlet dia is somewhat larger and will need a reducing collar to fit the filter hose and the outlet dia. is about ten thou bigger so will be able to use the existing inlet manifold, once bored out to match.
Interestingly the main obvious difference in the two carbs is the fuel enrichment chamber is at the engine end of the body so I’m hoping it will be more reactive.
Time for a cup of tea.
Goodnight folks.