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‘AAA Dummy

Hi all, Well Allens did have from what I’ve heard elsewhere. This was confirmed to me by not even replying to my enquiry.
I had however by searching the web come across Steve of Motocarb Liverpool who I subsequently found from another Forum was reckoned to be Ace and so it has proved, answering my enquiry from Saturday on Sunday would you believe.
Spoke to him on Monday and he is indeed a fair bloke. Ordered the carb there and then. Delivered 11.45am today – Tuesday !!! I have it here at my elbow.
Very nice it is too. Came set up for the Supa5 with spare jets and the connecting
rubber & clips and still had change from £200.00 ! Which I thought was pretty fair. I think that article must have been printed some time ago.
Now I just have to make up a mounting to the cylinder flange and sort out the air filter arrangement.
Any suggestions most welcome.
Hope the forgoing will be of help to the Brotherhood.
Ole I am a Bandit ! ! !

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