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‘AAA Dummy

Hi Andrew

Not a great introduction to the ways of the MZ I have to agree.

I’ve had a few whatsapp conversations with the seller, but I don’t really want to keep going back to him as In all honesty the bike was there, as described and ran well on tickover on his drive for as long as it wanted quite happily.

As for the honestly aspect, I felt he was an honest guy, had owned the bike for quite a few years and knew everything about, answered all my questions etc so cash was exchanged in good faith.

So, I guess I have two issues to deal with, the first being the carburation and then once that is sorted the gearbox issues, although I’ve a feeling one is connected to the other. If my drive shaft was spinning at red line speeds I’m not sure as a little gear cog I’d like to stick my splines in there!

Thanks for your suggestions and ideas. Definiely food for thought. I’ve a feeling the carb might be a cheap chinese replacement as it looks a lot younger than the alloy around it.

The fit to the airbox side is tight but on checking the engine intake side it is loose, despite the clamp being fully tightened, I might put some gaffer tape on as a temp measure to see if that can be ruled out.

When I removed it the plug was very light in colour so was def running lean and that would ties in with the symptoms.

I’ll check that spark suggestion when the ignition is turned off and just pray that it isn’t live all the time, although I have kicked it over with the key to off and it doesn’t fire up.

The exhaust collar, I’ve removed, cleaned up with some brake cleaner and wire brush and the threads looked ok, it went back together and seemed to tighten up sufficiently but I need to double check with a c spanner.

As for your tenner….. I’ll pay you a tenner to come up and fix it for me ha ha!

Thanks for your help and useful ideas, I’ll keep you posted.