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I am really a MZ 4 stroke man (Rt125, Skorpion and 500R) but am now renovating a Jawa TS350 and hear the same discussion in the Jawa community. The oil in the fuel is the primary insurance against seizure. Why would anybody want to risk a low oil mixture ratio on the basis that the modern oil is better than oils of yesteryear? What is the driver to reduce the oil ratio? Cost? It’s peanuts. I would suggest the best ratio is the most oil that the engine will run happily on without affecting performance or reliability such as oiled plugs. Why tempt the possibility of seizure ? I don’t understand why anybody would want to take a risk. In any case the smell of a two stroke bike is something to be savoured, the smell of two strokes on the race circuits is one of those things like rain on a summer’s day, onions frying in the burger van, hawthorn blossom and the extract fan from your local Chinese take away that should be treasured !! As the club T Shirt says “I love the smell of two stroke in the morning” and as I read elsewhere “would you underfill your gearbox on the basis that modern oils are better than old oils”?