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6v bulbs


I would greatly welcome 6v bulbs for my Trophy. Whatever bulbs they are, from the festoon bulbs to the dash bulbs, pilot lamp and headlamp bulb don’t throw them out after a 12v upgrade! I will buy them if they are good in price, esspecially if you have them in bulk! I’m having difficulty finding them for what I would consider reasonable!


Many thanks.


ES250/2 Upper mount bracket for left side cover

Hi guys,

The upper mount for the left side cover on my es250/2 has broken off, either on purpose or accident some time in the past (new project to me).

Is there anybody that has those pre-fabricated brackets that I can simply weld back on (that are on such websites as Ost2rad etc), or indeed anyone have the dimensions of the bracket they can give me such that I can fabricate my own?

After having batteries stolen from my bikes in the past, I’m not exactly happy to have all the electrics (inc battery) simply on display as it is.


Many thanks,