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Simson s50 registration


Can anyone help,i have a 1978 simson s50b which i have owned for years.

I have almost completely restored it but when i purchsed it there was no v5 available and no reg plate.

Does anyone know the process of getting new paper work and an age related number plate, i have the frame and engine numbers available but DVLA are unable to help.


1979 MZ 150ts. Fuses keep blowing

1979 MZ 150ts (South Eastern Ireland):

To enhance your insight: I am completely uneducated in motorcycle maintainance.

It was as driving reliably.
Died out as I arrived at destination 10+kms from start.
I ran started it and drove for 6+kms when it began to choke and died out over the last km.

Done so far:
-Battery dead: Replaced with new one and trickle charger attached.
-Fuse in headlamp blown: replaced
-2 fuses beside regulator blown: replaced
Headlight came on as key was turned.
Fuse in battery compartment nearest back of bike blows instantly, repeatedly (X3) when igntion key is turned to starting position.

Attached some photos. I barely know what I am looking at. I have a basic multimeter. Am Iright to assume that the ignition switch must be ok as it blows the downline fuse?

I can’t access professional assistance until after the holiday season.

Any and all suggestions welcomed.


ETZ 251 Engine oil leak

My ETZ 251 has a persistent transmission oil leak, coming from a cast-in recess on the drive side of the engine, in a raised boss that it shares with the tapped hole that houses the neutral switch that’s right next to it. It’s heavy enough to leave a small puddle, if the bike is left parked for a few weeks.

There appears to be the end of an internal engine shaft visible inside this recess, which is pretty illogical!

See the leak source indicated by the screwdriver in the pic below.

It’s been leaking from here since I bought the bike 3 years ago, though with little use, I’ve so far just put up with it.

Looking at parts and workshop manuals, there doesn’t appear to be anything missing that might seal this hole and there are no threads or circlip grooves to retain any such plug.

I’m not inclined to split the motor to investigate, without first finding out a bit more about this, so, do any of you good folk know why there is oil emerging from this part of the motor, and if so what might be done to stop it?

Regards, Drew


Hi the ETZ125starts first kick ,ticks over fine but between3k and 5k no power.its not coked up ,have tried a different exhaust,new battery,new fuse box and a new carb(even worse).

The float level is set,and the needle has been in all positions,still no better.Any ideas chaps


Simson documents

Hi I have a simson s50 with no documents, have sent engine and frame numbers to DVLA who have record of my bike, allegedly the bike was never registered when new which I find hard to believe.

The bike is 1978 vintage and allegedly purchased to teach children to ride at a school in Scotland.

Can anyone out help please.

1981 TS 125 Carb problem

Hi Folks

My TS 125 mysteriously started leaking petrol from the the float bowl gasket over winter when the bike had very little use. Replacing the gasket with single, double and even triple gaskets has made little difference. It’s OK for a couple of days and then the petrol starts to ooze out. We have an integral garage and the leak and subsequent smell has understandably made me very unpopular with my other half. I took the bike to my local ‘shop’ and they had no luck with the carb gasket either even after ordering up some super thick cork and trying that. Out of desperation I tried to source a replacement carb on the net and eBay but it appears that the only ones available are very poor Chinese copies that MZ parts UK told me were next to useless. Any ideas folks? Alternatively, does anyone have a working TS 125 carb they would like to sell me? Apparently the TS 150 carb isn’t compatible so it would have to be a carb from a 125. Hope someone can advise/help. Best wishes to you all.

Model differences?


I am new to MZ bikes so please forgive what might be a silly question but can anyone tell me what the differences are between the 250ETZ and the 251ETZ apart from the tank design. I am assuming later 250ETZ bikes had the oil injection system and maybe electronic ignition? Are parts equally easily available for both models and perhaps interchangeable?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



Tezet as on ebay

Good morning everyone, hope you are keeping well. I haven’t been on here much recently. As a continuation project I have a ES 150 with a new loom but 6 volt electrics, has anyone had experience of fitting the tezet system as apposed to the power dynamo equivalent???

I have saved one in my eBay basket but before I commit I would like to know if anyone has any experience  and is the system reliable? I am sure someone else might have asked this previously


Thanks Stuart

TS 150 front brake

Hi all,

I’m sure this is a well-trodden path, but could any one give me advice on changing the front brake on my TS 150? It’s just awful, especially in the wet – verging on dangerous. If a child ran out in the road I’d have to swerve – even if said child was 30 yards away!

I used to ride an etz 250 with disk brake. Can I simply buy the forks, mudguard, brake and wheel and fit them straight on? Assuming I’d need to buy all those things?

any advice would be great. I love riding the MZ but at speeds over 30 I’m terrified I won’t stop! Even with newly relined breaks with a softer compound!