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1981 TS 125 Carb problem

Hi Folks

My TS 125 mysteriously started leaking petrol from the the float bowl gasket over winter when the bike had very little use. Replacing the gasket with single, double and even triple gaskets has made little difference. It’s OK for a couple of days and then the petrol starts to ooze out. We have an integral garage and the leak and subsequent smell has understandably made me very unpopular with my other half. I took the bike to my local ‘shop’ and they had no luck with the carb gasket either even after ordering up some super thick cork and trying that. Out of desperation I tried to source a replacement carb on the net and eBay but it appears that the only ones available are very poor Chinese copies that MZ parts UK told me were next to useless. Any ideas folks? Alternatively, does anyone have a working TS 125 carb they would like to sell me? Apparently the TS 150 carb isn’t compatible so it would have to be a carb from a 125. Hope someone can advise/help. Best wishes to you all.

Tezet as on ebay

Good morning everyone, hope you are keeping well. I haven’t been on here much recently. As a continuation project I have a ES 150 with a new loom but 6 volt electrics, has anyone had experience of fitting the tezet system as apposed to the power dynamo equivalent???

I have saved one in my eBay basket but before I commit I would like to know if anyone has any experience  and is the system reliable? I am sure someone else might have asked this previously


Thanks Stuart

TS 150 front brake

Hi all,

I’m sure this is a well-trodden path, but could any one give me advice on changing the front brake on my TS 150? It’s just awful, especially in the wet – verging on dangerous. If a child ran out in the road I’d have to swerve – even if said child was 30 yards away!

I used to ride an etz 250 with disk brake. Can I simply buy the forks, mudguard, brake and wheel and fit them straight on? Assuming I’d need to buy all those things?

any advice would be great. I love riding the MZ but at speeds over 30 I’m terrified I won’t stop! Even with newly relined breaks with a softer compound!

Fork springs

My low mileage, cosseted Silver Star classic was seeping a tiny bit of oil from the LH fork leg. I decided to do a full rebuild and add bellows whist I was at it.

Much to my surprise, I found that the spring on the disc side is 17mm shorter than the other one.

The difference isn’t a result of one spring going soft and sagging – the shorter spring actually has fewer turns. The helix on both springs and the spring wire gauge is identical; but the spring on the disc side is 2 turns shorter.

I’m sure that I’m the first to open up the forks – but did it actually leave the factory like that?

The parts lists show that the Silver Star and the Voyager use a spring with part number 30 22 731, (and it only calls up that one part number for the springs). All the other Rotax engined variants use part number 22 39 105 which is commonly available as it is also listed for the 2 stoke sidecar bikes.

The particular spring for the Silver Star (30 22 731) appears to be unavailable.

Can anybody tell me:

  1. If they have ever seen different lengths of springs deliberately installed in a pair of forks?
  2. What the difference is between the unavailable spring and the 2stroke sidecar spring. Is it harder / softer / longer / shorter?
  3. Finally, I can’t be the first to find that the 30 22 731 spring is unavailable, and I expect there’s a few Silver Stars out there running on the ‘2 stroke sidecar’ springs; Is it OK in the Silver Star?

1982 TS 125 Stop Light Question

Hi MZers

I’m relatively new to MZ ownership, I have owned a lightly customised BMW R65 for a few years now and have just added the MZ TS125 – I just love German engineering. I took them both out today – not at the same time obvs – for some fun and I thought to would try and suss out why the front break on the MZ doesn’t fire up the stop light and I couldn’t work it out. I then settled down in front of a log fire to warm myself up (with a little whiskey) and perused the Haynes manual which seems to suggest that it’s only the back brake that registers in the stop light. Is that correct? If I just use the front brake do I not get a stop light?

Mz ts 150 rear wheel


Hello all


please see the attached video which outlines my problem as laid out below. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

im having some troubles with my TS 150. Having recently refurbished the rear brake, it seems that the brake is sticking. However, it isn’t. I have put the brake in fine. I put it on the bike and all is fine. It is only when I put the wheel spindle in and it passes through the bearing in the hub that it starts to stick. The further in i tap the wheel spindle, the worse it gets. If I tighten the spindle, it seizes solid.
Any ideas?!
Thank you in advance!!


Does any one have details on how to construct a 500 twin?How is crank joined ,how is transmission lined up? Any information great fully recieved contact Mike 07896150121 email

Hi, New Member Here

9F5D4449-1517-4507-9C65-B5D8A44ACF40I recently bought this TS 125 (1981) from a seller on eBay. I was drawn to it as I love German bikes – I have a 1980 BMW R65 lightly customised – and I was attracted to this TS as it had a single seat and chrome rack which appear to be factory fitted. Thing is, try as I might I can’t find any pictures of a TS with this set up and so can anyone tell me about this particular model? I am trying to upload some pics but my lack of tecxpertise means I’m struggling. I’ll keep trying but if anyone can tell me anything about this model I would be grateful.

Supa 5 Engine Wanted

Hello All ,

I am looking for a Supa 5 engine Mine has seized the clutch center onto the shaft and the crank seal needs replacing , so it maybe easier to rebuild another engine and put the other aside for now . I am in Devon so the nearer the better .

All the best Graham 07792939876

MZ ETZ 250 Wanted

Around 1982 I bought a brand new ETZ 250 from Wilf Green.  I loved that bike.  However sadly I did sell her, and moved-on to bigger faster bikes (mainly because I like overseas touring I guess), and been a BMW Boxer and Flat-4 owner for the last 20+ years.

Fancying reliving those ring-a-ding days and looking for a ETZ 250 again.

Quite relaxed about condition. whether ready-to-ride, or a “bit of a project” so long as the asking price is relevant to the condition!

Please get in touch if you are selling!